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Our Home Services is Most Popular, Clean, Fully Hygenic and Recommended Salon

Instead of waiting for a traffic light to turn green or a random thunderstorm to stop, getting beauty services at home lets your life go on without interruption. These are just some of the reasons to let the services come to you instead of going out to a spa or a salon. You can be busy planning a (or your) wedding, finishing up an assignment that’s due, don’t have the time to wait for the hair dye to set because you have a child that needs your attention or you simply just don’t feel like stepping out.

For all these reasons and more, you can avail beauty services at your doorstep. HouseJoy gives you all the benefits that come along with having a beautician at home. You can schedule it as per your convenience and even get things done during your appointment. For example, you can watch your favourite show while hairdressers put in hair extensions or you can get a skin treatment done while keeping an eye on your toddler.